Faith is the Victory – May 21, 2006

Faith is the Victory

Texts: John 15:9-17; I John 5:1-5

The mission of the church is not to be a safe place for the saved and the sanctified, but to take the message of hope and holiness to the world around us. We’re not the church primarily when we’re gathered within these four walls, we’re the church primarily when we’re away from these four walls engaging our world as conduits of the “wonderful, matchless grace of Jesus.” We’re called to love others. How do you know that you are loving others? By loving God. Both our love for God and our love for others are derived from God’s love for us.

With this backdrop, Pastor Jon looks at the potential reasons why the Church in North America is failing to grow at the same pace of churches around the world. Is it possible that we are no longer finding lost people because we believe that lost people don’t want to be found? Is it possible that we know the reasons they would reject Christ better than they know those reasons? Do we lack the victory that Jesus promised because our faith needs to be strenghtened?