The Church is a Prophetic People

The Church is a Prophetic People – July 1, 2018

“The Church is a Prophetic People” Text: Luke 4:14-21 The Church is called to give prophetic witness to both its members and the world. It does so by being shaped and formed in a particular way. This shaping and forming helps to give us a new lens to see the deeper reality around us.

The Church is a Priestly People – June 10, 2018

“The Church is a Priestly People” Text: 1 Peter 2:2-10 This week we look at the Church as a Priestly people. We are called to be a royal priesthood, a bridge building company connecting the world to the Church and to God. As priests we carry the burdens of other, preach the Good News, and invite…

The Church is an Intergenerational People

The Church is an Intergenerational People – June 3, 2018

“The Church is an Intergenerational People” Text: Acts 2:17-18 Pastor Amanda Lawton from the South Portland Church of the Nazarene brings us this week’s message.  The Church is most effective when multiple generations share and disciple with each other, helping us to reflect the image of Christ.

The Church is a Dancing People – May 27, 2018

“The Church is a Dancing People” Text: John 3:1-17 Trinity Sunday! A day to take time and reflect on one of the deep mysteries of our faith. God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – who is three in one and one in three. Today we look at the invitation that God is giving out for…

The Church is a Cruciform People – May 13, 2018

“The Church is a Cruciform People” Text: John 17:6-19 Today we start talking about what the Church is.  How are the people who call themselves the Church to be?  To begin, we discuss how the Church is a Cruciform People.  We are a people shaped by the way of the Cross.