Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing – February 25, 2018

“Pray Without Ceasing” Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 We are called to pray, but what does prayer look like? As we continue our Spiritual Discipline series we look at different modes of praying that help us to do as Saint Paul told the Thessalonians – pray without ceasing!

Is This the Fast I Choose? – February 18, 2018

“Is This the Fast I Choose?” Text: Isaiah 58:1-12 Today we began our series on Spiritual Disciplines. Over the season of Lent we will be looking at works of piety and works of mercy that will help us in our journey with Christ. We start this series off with asking the question “Is this the fast…

Beloved – January 7, 2018

“Beloved” Text: Matthew 2:1-12, Mark 1:9-11 The visitation of the Magi and the Baptism of Our Lord, two events 27 years apart, what do they have in common? They both show us the love and grace of God that beckons all to come and claim their status as beloved.