Witnesses – August 20, 2017

“Witnesses” Text: Revelation 11 We are called to be witnesses. We are called to proclaim the good news to a world in chaos. Of course, this may not always be easy and at times it might down right be dangerous. We know that in and through Christ it is worth it, though!

On Sea and Land – August 13, 2017

“On Sea and Land” Text: Revelation 10 Revelation 10 reminds us that Gospel is for the world today. We must live out the Gospel where we are and in the situations that surround us. The angel reminds of this by having his feet on both the sea and the land, the very places the beasts…

The Trumpets – August 6, 2017

“The Trumpets” Text: Revelation 8-9 At times it may seem like God’s judgment is intense, but that is for our good! It is to call us back to God and be restored. Judgment is a call for us to be restored and renewed, as God’s judgment cannot be separate from God’s grace.

144,000 – July 30, 2017

“144,000” Text: Revelation 7 What’s bigger than infinity?  Grace! God’s grace is limitless; it’s immeasurable.  The grace of God is for any and all who will come and receive.  Thanks be to God.

The Scroll – July 23, 2017

“The Scroll” Text: Revelation 6 Today we looked at Revelation – the start of judgment in the book. We remember though that God’s judgment comes from his mercy and goodness.

The Throne of God and the Lamb

The Throne of God and the Lamb – July 16, 2017

“The Throne of God and the Lamb” Text: Revelation 4 and 5 “If you want to know who God is, look at Jesus.” – N.T. Wright. These words today help us to remember that to know who God is we must know who Christ is. In our passages today we see how God and the…

Those Who Conquer – July 9, 2017

“Those Who Conquer” Text: Revelation 2-3 Revelation 2-3 addresses 7 churches, but really they are letters to the church universal. They are reminders that we all have things we are doing well or things we need to work on, but ultimately they remind us of the eschatological (end times) hope we have in Christ Jesus…

Who Is and Who Was and Who Is to Come – July 2, 2017

“Who Is and Who Was and Who Is to Come” Text: Revelation 1:1-20 Yoi! Double yoi! Today’s sermon helps reminds us that to read Revelation responsibility we must dive into the culture that the first century Christians in the Roman Empire were experiencing. John is declaring in this first chapter that Jesus is Lord, the…

Grace Abounds – June 25, 2017

“Grace Abounds” Text: Romans 6:1-11 Grace abounds! Grace abounds and we are to live into that grace. We are to live into our baptisms as it unites us with Christ. What then shall we say, shall we sin more? Of course not!

The Harvest is Plentiful – June 18, 2017

“The Harvest is Plentiful” Text: Matthew 9:35-10:8 The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. There are many in our world longing to hear the good news that God loves them. It is our job to remind them of the invitation they have to join God at the Table of Grace.