People of Grace: God’s Mission – My Purpose – September 3, 2023

“People of Grace: God’s Mission – My Purpose”
Text: John 4:27-38
In the Gospels, the disciples are often shown as trying to safeguard Jesus from those who they might think are unworthy or slowing Him down. This passage, which follows Jesus’s encounter with the woman at the well, is a notable exception where the text specifically states that they did not question Jesus why He talked with her. It’s precisely when grace is extended – and not judgement – that she is able to find her voice and be given both a mission and a purpose in life. In our life and in our faith, it is easy to extend limitations of grace to people. However, if God has reached us, claimed us, and invited us to drink God’s living water that flows through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, then we are called to enter into His plan and purpose. As we follow God, we become amazed by where His love will take us.

This sermon series is inspired by “A People of Grace” by Sam Barber, available from the Foundry Publishing.