People of Grace: “Loving Accountability in Action” – October 1, 2023

People of Grace: “Loving Accountability in Action”
Text: Acts 4:23-31
We conclude our series on being a people of grace; learning what it means for God to love and be gracious to us, and how we reciprocate and live into that grace.  In this week’s scripture passage, instead of praying for the destruction of their enemies, the believers pray for healing.  A great temptation after initially receiving God’s changing power is to become judgmental.  This is why we need each other in discipleship; to support each other in the hard times so that we don’t succumb to easy ways of this world but instead look upon those around us with love, grace, and encouragement.

This sermon series is inspired by “A People of Grace” by Sam Barber, available from the Foundry Publishing.