People of Grace: Why is Discipleship So Difficult? – September 17, 2023

People of Grace: “Why is Discipleship So Difficult?” – September 17, 2023
Text: Acts 2:42-47
We live in a very busy and stressful world; one where there is always something pulling us one way or the other. It can be difficult to fully commit to discipleship in these moments, both individually and as a group. This week’s scripture passage, occurring shortly after Pentecost, paints an ideal picture about what it means to be the Church. Through the scriptures, we find that there is still a God who is with us and compels us in life’s difficult moments. Through the breaking of bread together, we find that the journey we are on – life – is one in which we are not alone. Coming to the table together, we care for one another and remind ourselves that the grace of God is the greatest food for our souls.

This sermon series is inspired by “A People of Grace” by Sam Barber, available from the Foundry Publishing.