Prison and a Promotion – Genesis 39:1-41:57

Prison and a Promotion – Genesis 39:1-41:57

“Life’s not fair!”

“No… you’re right.  It’s not.”

That sounds like a typical exchange between a child and a parent, doesn’t it?  Somewhere along the way we all discover that life doesn’t seem fair.  Our internal sense of justice doesn’t always line up with the reality in the world around us.  It’s pretty easy to name situations and circumstances where the just, right, and fair thing simply doesn’t happen.

Joseph clearly has been dealt a bad hand.  First he was sold into slavery by his brothers.  Then, after doing well for his master and being made the head of the household, he was wrongfully accused by his master’s wife, and subsequently thrown into prison.

In prison, Joseph he met a cupbearer and a baker, and (through God’s help) interpreted their dreams.  And even though the cupbearer promised to tell Pharaoh about Joseph and the false accusations, the cupbearer got busy with his responsibilities, and forgot.

Life’s not fair, is it?

But what we discover is that Joseph continues to hear the voice of God, even in the midst of the injustice of his circumstances.  This was an opportunity for Joseph to grow in his faith, and to hone his ability to hear God give him the interpretation of dreams.

How can you use the moments of injustice and seeming “unfairness” to draw you closer to the heart of God?

There is a place of quiet rest, Near to the heart of God;
A place where sin cannot molest, Near to the heart of God.
O Jesus, blest Redeemer, Sent from the heart of God,
Hold us, who wait before Thee, Near to the heart of God.
– Cleland B. McAfee