The Birth of Jesus – Luke 2:1-40

The Birth of Jesus – Luke 2:1-40

Merry Christmas!

Angels, shepherds, mangers and swaddling clothes – the Christmas story is full of images that fill us with joy as we consider the “old, old story!”

Carols, bells, candles and presents – our celebrations of Christmas are full of nostalgia as we remember the old-fashioned Christmases of yesteryear, and recall the celebrations of our childhoods.

But before we finish reading Luke chapter 2, our nostalgia and joy is challenged as we encounter these words from the mouth of Simeon, “and a sword will pierce your soul too.”  Even in the midst of this beautiful story of Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary are given a hint of the pain they will experience.

We must always remember that our salvation came at a great price.  The Baby in the manger ultimately grows into the Man who dies on the cross for our sins.  All of this is part of the plan that God set into motion at the beginning of time.

Tell me the old, old story
tell me the old, old story
tell me the old, old story
of Jesus and His love.
– A. Katherine Hankey

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