The Last Supper – Luke 22:1-46

The Last Supper – Luke 22:1-46

But I am among you as one who serves.

I recently read an article in which the author suggested that one of the best remedies to our celebrity culture (even within the Church) is an intentional and continual celebration of the sacrifice of Christ.

Consider, for just a moment, the oxymoronic behavior of the disciples. Jesus is presenting them with bread and wine, telling them that this is His broken body and shed blood.  Within minutes, they’re arguing about who will be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Despite the example of self-sacrifice, they’re drawn to status and power.

We must continually ask ourselves which narrative we are allowing to shape our lives.  The narrative of our culture would call us to bow at the idols of wealth, status, power, and popularity.  But the Narrative of the Table calls us to follow the example of Jesus, and to be broken and spilled out for the world around us.

I’m inspired by people like John Wesley who partook of Communion daily–allowing the Narrative of the Table to become the primary shaping influence in their lives.  As we gather each week, may we not simply partake of the elements, but may we be shaped by the Christ that we meet at the Table.

Now let us from this table rise
Renewed in body, mind and soul.
With Christ we die and live again;
His selfless love has made us whole.
                                – Fred Kaan