The Resurrection – John 20:1-21:25

The Resurrection – John 20:1-21:25

Dying, Christ destroyed our death.
Rising, Christ restored our life.
Christ will come again in glory.

These words, part of nearly every funeral service I conduct, remind us that death is not the end… that the grave has lost the battle against life and love.  Even when confronted with caskets and gravestones, I am granted the privilege to proclaim the certainty that Christ has defeated death, granted us new life, and will come again.

At the heart of the Gospel is the defeat of sin and death.  Not only did Christ die so our sins could be forgiven, but He rose again so we could have confidence of new and unending life with Him.  This is our certain hope.

This is the victorious life that Christians should live!  With sin and death defeated, we need not live in fear, but in confidence.  We need not be afraid of death because we know that the Good Shepherd has already passed that way before, He knows what is on the other side, and He walks with us through the unknown.

Rise O Church and lift your voices
Christ has conquered death and hell
Sing as all the earth rejoices
Resurrection anthems swell
Come and worship come and worship
Worship Christ the Risen King
– Jack Hayford