Welcome to E100!

I’m so glad that you’ll be joining us for the E100 Challenge.  During the next five months, we’ll be reading 100 essential Bible passages together as a church and extended family.  (That’s not to say that the other passages aren’t important, but that these passages will help provide an essential big-picture view of scripture).

If you’ve ever tried reading through the Bible before, you may have found yourself bogged down in genealogies or dietary rules and regulations.  You may have even given up before you got very far into Scripture.

E100 chooses those passages that best help us understand God’s redemptive plan from beginning to end.  The passages that we will read together will highlight the major narratives and themes that are found in Scripture.  And ultimately, throughout our readings, we will again encounter the Story that shapes us… the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While you can simply participate through the reading of these devotionals, I hope you’ll get the “full package” of E100, and join us through these corresponding elements:

  • Daily Scripture reading (see the schedule here)
  • This Daily Email Devotional
  • Daily Challenge Guide reading & reflection questions
  • Weekly Small Groups
  • Weekly Sermons (podcast recordings available at capenazarene.org)

Even our children will be joining us through the “Big Bible Challenge.”  If you have kids, I hope you’ll help them work through their readings each day, and to make sure they’re at Sunday School and Church every week!

Our small groups will begin the week of June 10th, providing opportunity to reflect on the prior weeks’ readings and sermon materials.

The daily readings and email devotionals are intended to be read Monday thru Friday, but you can alter that to fit your schedule. We’ll also be taking a week “off” from August 5-11, allowing you a chance to catch up on the Old Testament passages before we move into the New Testament.  (That’s also our Vacation Bible School week, so we don’t expect small groups to meet that week either!)

If you have any questions, please be sure to send me an email at pastorjon@capenazarene.org.

I pray that this challenge will be a great blessing to you and your family, as we encounter this Grand Narrative again in an intentional way.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jon