Let Us Adore Him: Love – December 18, 2022

“Let Us Adore Him: Love”
Text: Matthew 1:18-25
This week in our Advent series, we look at God’s love for us. When we think of those who love or care for us, we recognize that is those people who are willing to join us in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, good or bad. The story of Christmas is one where God proves His love for us by sending Jesus to be there with us in the midst of our hardships and struggles.

During the season of Advent, we will be reading The Foundry Publishing’s devotional “Let Us Adore Him” by Samantha Chambo, which explores the season’s traditional themes (hope, peace, joy, and love) as they are lived out in the New Testament by Jesus and his followers. We invite you to follow along with us; you may find out more about the devotional by visiting https://www.thefoundrypublishing.com/let-us-adore-him-9780834141292.html.