Let Us Adore Him: Peace – December 4, 2022

“Let Us Adore Him: Peace”
Text: Romans 15:4-13
When everything in our world seems so fragile and uncertain, is peace something we can talk about? Paul reminded the early church that the Gospel’s truth is that it was given by to God to everyone that would hear it. He also encouraged the early church to set aside their differences and find ways to collaborate to bring God’s love and peace to their world. When we reflect on the peace of Christ and the possibility for peace in our world, we are also called to be participants in what God is about and is bringing to our world.

During the season of Advent, we will be reading The Foundry Publishing’s devotional “Let Us Adore Him” by Samantha Chambo, which explores the season’s traditional themes (hope, peace, joy, and love) as they are lived out in the New Testament by Jesus and his followers. We invite you to follow along with us; you may find out more about the devotional by visiting https://www.thefoundrypublishing.com/let-us-adore-him-9780834141292.html.