Priorities – September 4, 2016

Text: Luke 14:25-33
District licensed minister Pastor Shane Ross from the South Portland Church of the Nazarene concludes his four-week series on the Gospel of Luke.  The decision to follow Jesus is a fundamentally life-changing one.  In this passage titled by some Biblical editors as “The Cost of Discipleship,” Jesus said that whoever seeks salvation through Him must do so at the cost of placing all other priorities below Him – even life itself.  Individually and corporately, we are called by Christ to be clay in God’s hands.  What would the Church look like if we were to do that?

One thought on “Priorities – September 4, 2016

  1. Pastor Shane, God has been pushing me to lay everything I have down and walk a walk worthy of the call on my life. I have been hearing words such as missionary, and martyr. Feeling that I need to walk into places that no man has walked before. I’m a girl, and I’m only 22, but I am feeling such a faith to walk further than I have ever walked. From the comfort of my home, to lay down my life for this call. To go, wherever the Holy Spirit might lead. Your sermon was a confirmation of that. I’m from Colorado and God led me to this sermon tonight. I am amazed…and in tears, because it has confirmed me yet again, that this voice is indeed God’s. Thank you so much. Bless you and please keep me in your prayers. My name is Lizzy or Elizabeth. Thank you so much. God bless you and thank you for this awesome message. Amen

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