The Resurrection and The Date – April 17, 2022

The Resurrection and The Date”
Text: John 12:20-26
On Easter Sunday, Pastor Tim shares the amazing story of how date palm seeds from the first-century Jewish encampment Masada, besieged by the Romans in the first century, were successfully planted and bore fruit 2000 years later. This important symbol of Judean export and culture had disappeared from the landscape during the time of Crusades, so their successful reemergence after centuries is a very real resurrection story. Jesus uses the imagery of seeds when talking about His own death and resurrection. As a seed “dies” to bring up new life, God is able to glorify and raise up Jesus, who was broken and destroyed by the world. No matter how dead and gone our life or faith may seem, Easter is a promise and assurance that God’s Holy Spirit is with us today and breathing new life into us.